If you want to get fast go alone, if you want to get far go together

SOYIDEA appears from the union of synergies between professionals from three sectors who decide to bet on specialization as the best method to serve entrepreneurs and businesspeople who wish to protect their ideas, knowledge and data, for that they decided to join their knowledge and create the first complete consultancy about protection in these areas.


SOYIDEA intends to facilitate the businessperson or entrepreneur the way to achieve, in the easiest and simplest way, the protection of their ideas, brands, knowledge, and personal details of their company and its clients, getting support support and advice during the whole process. This way, we ensure that our clients feel comfortable with their ideas and important data being protected by professionals specialized in each of the required fields.


  • Simplifying the necessary processes to protect the ideas of those entrepreneurs and researchers to protect their inventions and patents, becoming an Inventor Manager for it.
  • Offering a service of experts in patents and trademarks to be able to protect them from any intrusion.
  • Protecting the data generated by small and large companies, both their own and their clients, incorporating the figure of the Data Protection Delegate.
  • Managing and protecting all the knowledge and ‘’Know How’’ that each company accumulates day by day and how valuable it is, a service that will be increasingly important in any business structure that wishes to increase the privacy of its own data and disembodied knowledge by activating the Business Secret Protocol.
  • Advising potential franchisees with our Strategic Consulting for franchisors.

This joint formula of protection of knowledge, ideas, data, protection of company privacy, advice for franchisors is what makes SOYIDEA emerge as the first consulting firm specialized in:

  • Industrial Property + Data Protection + Business Secret Protection + Consultancy for Franchisors.

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