SoyIdea protects your business confidentiality, which is a fundamental pillar in Know How differentiation of the business and R+D+I organisations.

Business confidential information provides competitive advantages, which translate into economic value. Therefore, they need to be protected and kept safe to maintain control over it.

What is a business secret?

  • Resources, components or materials.
  • Processes and procedures.
  • Data and information about clients, providers, studies or strategies.
  • Recipes, prescriptions and compounds. (Including recipe books)
  • Strategies to ensure consumer loyalty and marketing strategies.

What about business secrets law 1/2019?

  • Legal support to counteract illegal collecting, application and discovery.
  • Set the bases to justificate the protection.
  • Clarify illegal behaviours and practices.
  • Determinate the way we can take to defend our secrets business.
  • Make possible transmit, share or license our secrets to third people, in other words, makes them economically feasible.
  • Finally, it makes us do better to use our ideas and improve our innovative effort.

Tell us what you need


Strategy to protect your business confidential information and Know How.

  • Identify the business secret type, category and risk in case of would be revealed.
  • Set the best ways to protect your business secrets in order to use, acces and exploitation.
  • Make ad-hoc protocols to make easier the use of different actions if we detect some illegal use of the business confidential information.

Management and employees training.

  • Coach the managers about all procedures they must take to protect their business secrets and guidelines to apply it.
  • People management and employees experience in Know How and business confidential information protection.

Introduction of protocols and measures.

  • Assisted during the whole process by our experts to the protocols and measures introductions, and to make necessary changes in the organisation.
  • Personalized and immediate advice about any question.

Monitoring and updating.

  • Updated last changes of law about business secrets and related laws.
  • We conduct an audit to introduce the protocol and the adaption to the verified measures.
  • Identification of new business confidential information and its respective protocols to be adopted.