Inventor Manager

What does it consist of?

Inventions move the world, without innovation there is no progress, but not all inventors manage to bring their discoveries to market. That is why we help them with numerous mechanisms to reach the industry closest to their sector.

How do we do it?

This service is dedicated to inventors who need to improve their contacts and relationships and is important for 3 reasons:



Our extensive network of contacts allows us to find partners or licensees that allow the inventor to generate royalties from the very first moment the registration situation makes it possible.


Standardise the product

We assist in what we call product standardisation: the patent to be developed must be adapted to the specific regulations of each industry. For this reason, we have collaborators who carry out all the legal permits for each sector: prototyping, CE marking, quality regulations, etc.


Subsidy and funding

We are constantly on the lookout for organisations that subsidise or finance any R&D project.


Ready to reach new goals?

Let’s do it together.