Patent and trademark appraisals and valuations

What does it consist of?

Increasingly, the business-to-business relationships in which our economy operates mean that there is a constant need to value the intangible assets that make up industrial and intellectual property rights. That is why we specialise in this service.

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How do we do it?

Why and when is it necessary?


Buying or selling

When companies acquire or sell a patent or trademark, using the most appropriate parameters for each case.


Sale of assets

When, being in insolvency proceedings, they need to sell their assets to obtain liquidity and be able to settle debts with creditors. This service, for example, is very important for insolvency administrators, who ultimately have to decide whether to liquidate or save a company. In many cases, the sale or licensing of intangible assets can save the insolvency proceedings or minimise the liabilities.


Imitation or counterfeiting

In cases of counterfeiting or forgery, a judicial expert opinion is essential for the relevant lawyers to be able to rely on an independent report that can support them with a good legal argumentation to obtain a just judgement.



When determining a franchisor's entry fee for new franchisees, which remunerates, among other things, the value of access to an exclusive brand and know-how which already have a value in the market and which, precisely, make the franchise attractive.


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